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Regional Director Election Campaign

RD Election Campaign

With this being an election year we are required to post the resume and platform statements for all eligible candidates running for the post of Regional Director. In accordance to NSP's requirements, below is the list of candidates running for Regional Director. Please take a few minutes and review the following candidates so you can make an informed decision at election time.

The Western Mass Region is pleased to announce that Gerry Pollard has decided to run for RD for a second term. Gerry is running unopposed, but he still needs our vote. Please read Gerry’s resume and platform statements below.

Jim Fessia
Election Coordinator

Gerry Pollard:


My name is Gerry Pollard I am the current Region Director for Western Mass and I am looking for your support in the upcoming fall election.

I have been a patroller in the Region for over 18 years my primary registration is with Berkshire East and secondary registrations with both the Thunderbolt patrol and with Catamount in Eastern New York. National Appointment #11708

I am a Senior level patroller, an OET instructor, an OEC instructor, TE, and IT, and currently the RD. As the RD I sit on several Division level boards and chair the Marketing and PR Committee and the MTR committees for the Eastern Division.

I have been active with region programs since the beginning of my career, first assisting with OEC courses and then assumed the responsibilities of the Assistant OEC Advisor, OEC Advisor, Assistant Regional Director, Alternated Regional Director and now Region Director. As you can see I have been very much involved in the region as well as with patrol in general for many years. I have run many OEC courses and Challenges for both my local patrols as well as for the region. I have been the Instructor of Record for the Berkshire East Patrol refresher for the past 15 years. I continue to teach at various refreshers each season. I am actively involved in the Senior program on both the OET and OEC sides as an instructor, TE, and IT.

During my short tenure as RD we have made some significant changes and hope to continue this path during this upcoming season and with your support for at least two more seasons.

We developed an OEC planning meeting in which the ITs plan the local refresher format. This keeps our refreshers somewhat uniform but still allows individual areas to address local concerns. We have added an additional OEC instructor refresher to the schedule to accommodate the large number of instructors we are fortunate to have, which helps prepare them to teach at their local areas. We filled all open advisor positions with great people. Take a look at our website to see who is in position and I’m sure you’ll agree this is a very strong team.

With a new Nordic Advisor on board we look forward to seeing that program grow as the Nordic/Backcountry program is the fastest growing throughout the NSP. Our Woman’s program continues to grow filling clinics and leaving people wanting more. This year we split the program in to two separate clinics, one toboggan clinic and one SES clinic. Both of these clinics were well attended and overall a huge success.

Our OET program is strong and offered clinics for everyone. Including two new clinic offerings options this year. The first was offered in conjunction with the Sr OEC program as an Intro to Sr. The second clinic was billed as “Finesse the Force” which was a toboggan clinic geared to get everyone at every level involved. These were informative and a lot of fun!

The OEC program continues its long history of being an outstanding program which is respected throughout the Division.

Our Sr. program is running well. The OEC side offers clinics early in the season to allow you to train before your patrol shifts begin. The OET side works hard to be flexible to meet the needs of the region.

Financially we are strong! I, like my predecessors, am very concerned on how we spend your dues money. I see no need to increase region dues at any time soon. We recently purchased two new toboggans to replace a couple of old sleds to keep our training program safe and effective and we are still financially stable.

Our YAP program is growing.

We now have a Region member of the Division Safety team.

Our Legal Advisor is now a lawyer in MA

Our Medical advisor is an MD practicing in MA

The Awards program is processing more awards than they ever have in the past.

Avalanche and MTR programs in the Region are some of the strongest teams in the division

If you’re reading this on our website you will see our webmaster is doing a fantastic job.

We continue to develop new programs and look for your input on what we can do for you.

Most importantly –We are having fun!! Sure I take patrol responsibilities very seriously but I try and not take myself too seriously and try to make every event memorable and fun!

Our Region is doing very well thanks to the team I have working with me. I hope you feel the same way and continue to support the WMass leadership in the upcoming election

Gerry Pollard,
WMass RD

Posted June 27, 2018

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